Ambulancetreffen 2017

27. - 29. Oktober/October 2017

Camping place "De Kaemping", Texel (NL)

Camping place
"De Kaemping"
 Ruyslaan 83
De Koog
Texel (NL)


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27, 28, 29 Oktober (official 'event-dates' for Dutch Evenementenregeling with Belastingdienst: vehicle owners with 'geschorst kenteken' get in touch with organizer)

Arriving on 26, 25 also possible, please communicate with organizer of this Treffen; Ronald klein Tank (ambulancetreff2017@ambulancetreff.de) who will clear this with campingowner.

Costs at Camping 8 euros per person per night. (Organizer of the Treffen will collect and complete group payment, based on number of persons/nights)
Dogs allowed, bbq and fire allowed (as long as no holes are burnt in the grass...), showers present, cooking place present, and cosy "lounge" in case it rains...

15 official places for ambulances available. These will be reserved by order of each vehicles confirmation. (When the number of 15 is exceeded, Ronald will talk with the owner to see what margins can be discussed....)>/p>

Costs Ferry:
On mon, tue, wed, thursdays: 25 euro
On fri, sat, sundays 37 euros
Prices are for return, and length of a 109 ambulance is within most economic price range)
Please read here carefully
Tickets available at the harbour (expect some waiting time) or direct online from

Details for activities at the weekend are yet to be announced.

eMail organisation: ambulancetreff2017@ambulancetreff.de